About Us

"Hexorp is a graphene-based company. A manufacturer and supplier of high volume of Graphene for use in industrial markets. We bring deep understanding of nanotechnology and chemistry to the company. In order to produce a quality products for our consumers, we are constantly working to be more creative in our approach to provide the optimal value to our consumers."

Hexorp at its core wants to be an integral part of the next revolution that Graphene will bring in the coming future. Graphene is the missing link in terms of unprecedented boost in quality for various products ranging from fields as varied as polymers to biomedical. We provide high quality graphene at industrial quantities at economical costs. We can achieve this through our Vertically Integrated business model.

Mission Statement

We like to think of Graphene as a platform. On the basis of which next generation technological advancement will take place. Our mission is to be a part of and contribute with the best of our abilities in this revolution. By raising the standards and delivering great products. Which will help empower the future generation to come.

Vertically Integrated Business Model

First Stage

Product development

Through our R&D team, we engineer and design graphene and its derivatives our-self.

Second Stage


We collect the raw materials and produce graphene at our own manufacturing facility, through our patented design and process.

Final Stage


Through which we are able to provide our value-added product to the end consumer.