Graphene Powder

Graphene Powder, which we provide is of the utmost quality and high purity and available in industrial quantities. The types of graphene nanopowders we can produce are:

  • Graphene Powder
  • Graphene Ribbons
  • Graphene Quantum Dots
  • Graphene Nanoplatletes
  • Graphene Clusters
  • Graphene Nanosheets
  • Reduced Graphene oxide

Graphene Ink

The ultrahigh conductivity of graphene allows us to use its direct application for electronic printing and various other applications. Our graphene based conducting inks can be directly used in energy conversion and storage devices such as solar cell, supercapacitor, batteries. Our ink can be provided on industrial level.

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Quality Consultancy Service

The field of nanotechnology and advanced materials promises exciting possibilities in creating products which have higher capabilities. This process itself is exciting and rewarding.

Our team can work with you in a collaborative and open way to create game-changing solutions using the advantages which graphene has to offer tailor made as per your requirement. If you want to increase electrical and thermal conductivity, increase strength and reduce weight, or the combination of all. We help you choose the best route that allows you to amalgamate advanced Nano material into you’re product.

We are here to help.