Who we are

HEXORP is a company which specializes in the field of nanotechnology. Our unique patented design and process gives us the opportunity to consistently provide high quality graphene at industrial volumes and lower costs. We believe in constant innovation and are constantly working with our research and development team to create products which would provide maximum value to our consumers.

We provide a unique opportunity to different industries to be a part of a paradigm shift in terms of quality and performance through our product that is
"Graphene the Wonder Material".

"What is important about graphene is the new physics it has delivered"

-Andre Geim-

Properties Of Graphene



Graphene is 200 times stronger than steel

Two Dimensional

Two Dimensional

World’s first 2D material which is single atom thick



Highly stretchable and flexible material which is almost transparent



The worlds most conductive material



The thinnest material known to mankind, one million times thinner than human hair

Ultra Light


It is ultra-light, immensely tough

"Graphene is a platform, like a chessboard, on to which one can place the pawns you want. The Subtlety lies in finding the right positions. There is a real beauty in its simplicity"

-Vincent Bouchiat-

    Key Differentiating Factors    

Black Swan Event

The first time in the field of nanotechnology has such a material been discovered which is so versatile in its use which is Graphene. It not only is thinnest material ever isolated. It is also 200x times stronger than steel. The lightest and most conductive and material on Earth. First ever 2-dimensional material ever isolated. It is almost completely impermeable. It could be fundamental to the storage of transport, fuels of the future. The list is possibilities are endless.

Eco Friendly

Ecological and Green Manner part of our Sustainability aspect. Our unique patented process allows us to make graphene in an ecologically and environmentally safe manner thus doing our part in contributing to the society. Being a part of something bigger than ourselves and playing our part to help Earth we live in one step at a time.

Economically Feasible Costs

To reach the position where mass commercialization can take place. Economically feasible prices for high quality graphene are very important. In order to propel the rate of innovation. Our vertically integrated business model helps us here. Allowing us to control costs where the distribution chain is concerned. Furthermore, our patented process helps us to reduce the cost further to reach the tipping point for mass consumption.
graphene applications

Consultancy Service

Our innovative lab division consists of talented team of scientist and engineers who can work with our consumers to enable performance benefits of our materials to be fully used as per the requirement of the consumer.

Highest And Consistent Quality

The patented process which is used in the production manufacturers the highest quality of Graphene Nano-platelets with a sub layer range between 3-5-layer materials. On a consistent basis. This allows Hexorp Graphene to achieve incredible performance benefits. Furthermore, making sure quality and standards are maintained. The quality of the product has been tested using industrial level laboratory testing systems.


The biggest problem is lack of high-quality graphene in bulk qualities. We believe that our method can be a solution to this problem by producing Graphene in bulk quantities at economically feasible prices. The only limiting factor to scalability is the demand itself.

We can supply Graphene in powder and its composites form for research and industrial purposes, in containers ranging from 10gm to 2kg.

Contact us for larger packaging sizes