Graphene Construction

Construction one of the oldest businesses in the world. Every builders dream is to build structures which would stand the test of time. Steel & Cement have been one of the most cardinal pieces for construction of any form of structure. Ever since the 20th century the composition of these materials have changed and been experimented or altered with to reach a greater yield, with the advancement of time and change technology. Hexorp wants to be a part of this change with the addition of Nanotechnology Materials in construction materials.

With the ever-increasing population and rapid urbanization continuing to propel construction products at an immense pace. However, this also puts the industry under incredible amount of stress to reduce the carbon footprint. Nanotechnological sciences can help in this issue along with other benefits that comes with the use of Graphene based additives in the composition of other materials.

Graphene based products can increase the strength thereby reducing the material usage thereby reducing the carbon footprint. Furthermore, a potentially increase the life span of the structures. Hexorp based additives allows the possibilities of Stronger, Lighter, Greener structures for building and infrastructure design. This level of improvements in resistance to moisture absorption, gas permeability and acid attack will reshape what we expect from Steel & Cement.

Graphene performence benefits

Lighter and stronger cement structures, Possibility to reduce the total build cost, making new architectural designs feasible

Potential increase in longevity of cement structures, Reduction in carbon footprint by caused by cement based products by less use of material

Water Permeability is also reduced, Structures made with our additive experience minimized structural loss, reinforced bonding and reduced crack propagation.